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Over 20 years of making a difference in the lives of children

Summer Camp Visits

We run RELAYS, FITNESS GAMES, DANCES, OBSTACLE COURSES, and MORE!!  We play fitness activities that stress the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle.  

We design our programs to meet the needs of your camp, taking into account the age of your participants, the size of your groups, and the space that you have available.

For smaller groups, we offer cooperative and competitive fitness games, obstacle courses, dances, and relays all with the theme of living a healthy active lifestyle.

For larger groups, we offer whole camp fitness shows for up to 250 participants to be safely and actively involved at the same time in different relays and group challenges.  (for Grades K and up) 

We also book visits during the school year. 


Summer Visits

Summer Library Reading Program

We offer discounts to schools, camps, and libraries that book on the same day


**WARNING** If you are looking for long, wordy power points and "bored-to-tears" staff members, then our staff training workshops are not for you.

Our staff training workshops will get your staff actively involved and engaged using fun, interactive demonstrations to make our points.  No matter which workshop you choose, team building and group cooperation will be a big focus.  

Play Together, Stay Together - This is a team building workshop designed to get your group communicating and cooperating.

Dealing with kids 101 - Even your most seasoned veterans will take something away from this workshop designed to get participants to take a look at the "hows and whys" of dealing with kids in a camp setting.

A Look at Games and Why We Play Participants will get ideas on appropriate games to play as well as information on the importance of play, group strategies, and MORE!


We can also incorporate aspects from all three of these workshops into one if that would better meet the needs of your staff. 

Summer Staff Training

We have been running summer reading programs for libraries throughout NJ for the past 6 years.

​We are SUPER EXCITED for the 2018 theme "Libraries Rock"!  Our new show, READING ROCK & ROLL is already in the works!  Be ready for some reading, lots of noise, movement, dancing, and MANY smiles.

Here is how our shows work;

First we pick books having to do with the summer reading theme.  Then we read a little of a book to our audience, just enough to get them wanting to know more.  We then transform that book into an active game, activity, or dance. 

​We tailor our shows to best meet the needs of your participants.  We take into account the age of your participants, the size of your groups, and the space that you have available.

We recommend our shows for ages 4 and up.

Pricing for 2018

$275 for South Jersey - $295 for North Jersey

PA, NY, CT, and DE Starting at $295


  • Summer Camp Visits
  • Pre-School Fitness Classes 
  • Whole Camp Fitness Shows
  • Summer Library Reading Programs
  • Summer Staff Training Workshops